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We continue to improve our production power, technical power and quality power

Since our foundation in 1953, in line with the trend of the times featured by transformation of industry to software, information technology and globalization, we started our operation with “welding and parts machining for ship machines and various large-sized industrial machines.” In 1987, we launched a house brand “U-tec” and started the “designing and manufacturing of hydraulic machine,” and the “manufacturing and assembling of electronic instrument parts.” Recently, we have established “overseas bases and started overseas production.”

Through long-term collaboration with each manufacturing section, we have established an efficient integrated production line. With thoroughly internal manufacturing, we have committed ourselves to “quality assurance, cost reduction and delivery time observance” to our customers. Thus, we have grown up while responding to the requirement of our customers.

In 2004, we We established a production base in Dalian, China, in 2004 and a local subsidiary in Thailand in 2012 in order to strengthen our production capacity and expand our service not only in the domestic market but also in the overseas market.

While putting emphasis on our penetration into the environment and energy related industries, we will concentrate our efforts on the technical improvement and house product development, and respond to your confidence with our trusted problem-solution power by virtue of high quality power, technical power, and inventiveness.


Company Profile
Company name Tokai Kikai Co., Ltd.

32, Aza Kita-arako, Fujikawa-cho, Okazaki, Aichi 444-3523
Tel: +81(0)564-51-2793 (Main)          Fax: +81(0)564-54-0619

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Establishment April 1953
Affiliated company Dalian Donghai You Jishu Youxiangongsi
TOKAI KIKAI Utec (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Capital 50,000,000 yen
Account settlement March every year
Officer Yasuharu Kondo, President
Morihito Kondo, Managing Director
Nobuyuki Kondo, Director and Senior Advisor
Mitsuo Tanaka, Manufacturing Department Corporate Officer
Teruo Goshozono, Accounting Councilor
Number of employees 110

Okazaki Shinkin Bank, Head Office
Hekinan Shinkin Bank

Business purpose

●Designing and manufacturing of hydraulic machines and peripheral units
●Manufacturing to order of large-sized industrial machines
●Manufacturing to order of electronic instrument related parts
●Manufacturing to order of ship machines
●Large-sized precision cutting and grinding

U-tec Div.
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Quality and environment policies
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Head Office Factory: 32, Aza Kita-arako, Fujikawa-cho, Okazaki, Aichi 444-3523
Tel: +81(0)564-51-2793 (Main)          Fax: +81(0)564-54-0619