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Tokai Kikai Co., Ltd.

Since its founding in 1953, Tokai Kikai Co., Ltd. has always followed the continuous trend of software, IT and globalization in the industrial world for its own continuous progress. Our corporation started the business in welding and machining parts for marine machines and various large industrial machines. In 1987, we created our own brand "U-tec" for the design and production of hydraulic machines, and started the production and assembly of electronic and mechanical parts. For these, we are highly praised by customers. Moreover, we set up the bases overseas for production abroad. Besides production, they also become the after-sale service bases together with headquarter in Japan.

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Corporation Information

Corporate Message

Tokai Kikai Co., Ltd. started the business in welding large steel structures. We keep updating equipments and improving technologies, import a large number of large mechanical equipments, set up assembly plant and design department, and develop hydraulic machines, electronic machinery parts and other products of our own brand "U-tec" so as to advance with the times. In recent years, we have set up a production base in Dalian, China and actively pushed forward the globalization. In the future, we will dedicate ourselves to developing the industries related to environmental protection and energy, and make use of our reliable quality, technical strength and original ideas in the world to nurture our extraordinary ability of problem solving and satisfy customer's demands.

Corporate Profile

Headquarter Tokai Kikai Co., Ltd.(
Date of Founding November 1947(Showa 22)
Registered Capital 50 million Yen
Representative President Koji Kondo
Address 32 Kitaarako Fujigawacho Okazakishi AichikenMap
TEL 0564-51-2793
Domestic Branch  
Foreign Branch Tokai Kikai (Dalian) U-tec Co., Ltd.
Associated Company LOGIX Co., Ltd.
Scope of Business Design and production of forming production lines for automotive interior trim parts, design and production of hydraulic machines and peripherals, undertaking of custom-made large industrial machines, and welding, machining, grinding and assembly of large precision parts
Certification ■ISO19001, ISO14001
Corporate ProfileInside headquarter and plant

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