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Tokai Kikai, having acquired the ISO 9001 Certificate in 2001 and ISO 14001 Certificate in 2010, has established quality and environment policies clearly stating its attitude toward quality and environment. Based on these policies, all employees of our company are working hard on ensuring and improving the quality in all processes from design development to material procurement, manufacturing and after-sale follow-up.
  Quality policy
Based on our management philosophy of “inventiveness and quality assurance,”
we, all employees of Tokai Kikai, get together and continue to provide products
that can win the confidence of our customers and satisfy them
by meeting the requirements of our customers and society.
Environment policy

Basic philosophy

We, Tokai Kikai, understand that the most important assignment to all human beings is the preservation of earth environment, and act for conformable earth environment and earth environmental preservation through our all business activities.



1. From the design and installation of hydraulic machines we provide to our customers to the services incidental to them, we clear up the environmental aspect of our plate work manufacturing and machining of steel structures and parts manufacturing and assembling for hydraulic machines and electronic machines. At the same time, we clearly define the target and goal of reducing adverse effects on environment, prevent environmental contamination to the maximum extent within our environmental control system, and thereby continuously promote the environmental improvement.

2. We observe all environment-related laws and regulations and other regulations, contracts, etc. related to our activities, products and services.

3. We make our “environment policy” known well to all our employees through environmental education and enlightenment activities to strengthen their awareness of environmental preservation.

4. Of all influences of our business activities on environment, we put an emphasis on the following:
①We raise the power use efficiency to cut waste from utilizing resources.
②We cut down waste.
③We keep up the appropriate environmental conditions to prevent noise and soil contamination.
④We promote PC networking to cut down the paper consumption for office work.
⑤We promote resource saving and energy saving to control CO2 emission.

5. We open our “environment policy” to the public to obtain their understanding and cooperation.

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