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Tokai Kikai Co., Ltd.

Since its founding in 1953, Tokai Kikai Co., Ltd. has always followed the continuous trend of software, IT and globalization in the industrial world for its own continuous progress. Our corporation started the business in welding and machining parts for marine machines and various large industrial machines. In 1987, we created our own brand "U-tec" for the design and production of hydraulic machines, and started the production and assembly of electronic and mechanical parts. For these, we are highly praised by customers. Moreover, we set up the bases overseas for production abroad. Besides production, they also become the after-sale service bases together with headquarter in Japan.

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Our Strengths

Realize the integrated production system of large products based on accumulated technologies

We are a large-scale plant with the production of scale equipments. Covering self-developed brand "U-tec", the integrated production line is employed to realize high quality, low cost and short lead time. Bases are set up overseas for the development of globalization. Our strength is the continuous progress based on the technologies accumulated for 60 years.

Own sufficient large equipments and processing machinery; excel at the production of "large products".

Our corporation started the business in welding marine machines and various large industrial machines. We excel at large products. We own all kinds of large equipments and processing machinery for welding, machining and assembly, so cost control is our strength. Moreover, we seek for the internalization of production based on the joint forces of all production departments and the efficient and integrated production line, and promise customers to "guarantee quality, reduce cost, and strictly maintain lead time".

Inside plant

Self-developed brand "U-tec" provides customers with the products of high added value.

Born in 1987, "U-tec" is our self-developed brand in order to rapidly provide customers with the products of high quality and high added value. Through the design and development system from customer's standpoint, the design, processing and assembly of "U-tec" are completed in our corporation. It has made us rapidly develop into a comprehensive manufacturer of hydraulic and motor control machines, robot control peripherals, and delivery devices, etc. By implementing the system of quality& lead time management and after-sale service while following the trend of quickness, energy conservation and multi-functionality, our market share of production has reached to 30%.

Inside plant

Large plant with the production of scale equipments

The floor space is 9,000m², the ceiling is 12m high and the crane beam is 8m high. Such a spacious plant makes it easier to produce large equipments, which is also one of our strengths. This is related to our history of business started from the welding of large steel structures for shipbuilding. Within our location, we provide different spacious areas for "tinning, welding", "machining" and "assembly", as well as various large equipments and many production lines.

Inside plant